2 hours agoColumbus, IN(21 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any upgradable 64 bit desktop - I'll need to turn it into a light duty graphics workstation for refreshing my own stale CAD skills. I have peripherals, it's the 64 bit machine itself that I'm looking for.
29-Apr-2018Columbus, IN(21 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for some sturdy garage shelving to put things on
23-Apr-2018Columbus, IN(21 miles)Items Wanted
We need a live trap for trapping raccoons. The Raccoons are trying to take up residence in our attic.
13-Apr-2018Columbus, IN(21 miles)Items Wanted
I am in need of a tire, passenger vehicle size. The condition and exact size don't matter, since I will be burying it to plant a rose bush. Thanks!
31-Mar-2018Columbus, IN(21 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for 1 and 2 liter bottles, preferably with caps but if you don t have the caps, I can still use them. I need quite a bunch so any you have will help. Thanks in advance.
31-Mar-2018Columbus, IN(21 miles)Items Wanted
If you have any you aren t using, I m in need. It would be greatly appreciated!!
23-Mar-2018Columbus, IN(21 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for glass, ceramic, metal, terra cotta etc. containers. I homeschool and my kids and I are going to make a container garden. All shapes, colors, sizes, and assortments (chips okay) welcome. We want it to be a unique collection so use your imagination!! Thank you in advance!!! :)
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